Why are your garments mainly unisex?

Producing men's and women's clothing has a greater environmental impact. Instead, we aim to reduce it by offering durable, quality garments that are versatile in style and suitable for everyone. We ensure that our garments are only made from ethical and sustainable materials and are part of a circular production process that ensures the preservation of our Oceans for future generations.


Is there a size guide available?

Each product has its own size guide. You can find it in the product description.


How can I pay?

We accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Ideal, Bancontact, SOFORT and PayPal.


Do you ship worldwide?

Shipping is only available to certain countries. For the list of countries and shipping costs please visit click here. If your country is not on the list on the page shipments, write an email to to request a shipment. If you are not sure if we ship to your country, please write to or via chat to Customer Service.


How can I add to my list of trusted senders?

1.Select Actions from the toolbar at the top of the page.
Select Junk Mail.
3.Select Unwanted Mail Options...
Click on the Trusted Senders tab.
5.Click Add.
6.Type the email address that you want to add to the Trusted Senders list.
7.Click OK.
For assistance,write to or via chat to Customer Service


When will I receive my order?

We deliver the goods in Italy in 1-2 working days. Pick-up and packing are carried out from Monday to Friday during working hours (CEST). For further information on transport times in other countries click here.

Customs procedures may impose longer delivery times on international orders. For shipping informationwrite to or via chat to Customer Service.


Is it possible to receive a refund or make an exchange?

In order to make a size exchange you must send an email to: with the subject size exchange, including your order number and the name of the item you wish to exchange and which size you would like to receive in return.
We cannot exchange items unless they are faulty or damaged. We cannot accept items that are returned more than 30 days after their confirmed delivery, that have been damaged or are missing parts.
Please see our Returns Policy for further details.


Is it possible to deduct the purchase from my taxes in the form of a donation?

No. Online purchases are not deductible.


What are micro waste?

When we wash our clothes in the washing machine, a large number of plastic fibres from synthetic fabrics reach our Oceans and are ingested by marine organisms. These microfibres are called micro waste and end up in our food chain.


What can we do to reduce micro waste?

1) Buy less but better. Think about the real necessity of a product. Check the label and avoid synthetics
2) Wash clothes at low temperatures. Water, when at high temperature, weakens the fibres and decomposes them.
3) Do less washing, air out clothes and hand wash stains.
4) Avoid spin drying, which creates friction and causes release of microfibres.
5) Do not wash solid items such as shoes. Any solid items when washed with clothes will cause more fibres to be released.
6) For the same reason, separate the fabrics you wash: e.g. jeans and fleece coats
7) Do not use a tumble dryer
8) Choose short washing programmes
9) Use less but better quality soap. Look for soaps with a natural pH and no bleach.
10) Place a filter in the washing machine discharge and use a bag to reduce the release of microplastics.


Do you have a VAT number?

Only if you buy from Italy, you can request an invoice by writing to indicating the necessary data for invoicing in Italy and the order number.